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Hans Wiegand

Profile Updated: February 7, 2017
Hans Wiegand
Class Year
Residing In
Weinheimeistr 102, Saxony Germany
Occupation during your working years
Various Board's of Director's of National and International companies running industrial, chemical and electronic processes. Also, professor of engineering. Later years up to my retirement, I was a partner in international engineering consulting.
Any Children or grand children?
Three children: Niklas (and spouse Meika) with two grand daughters, Britta (and spouse Tilman) with More…three grandson's, and Suzanna
Did you serve in the Military
One year of mandatory service-no active duty.  
Any Relatives went to Okemos? Brothers, Sisters, Children, Parents, Cousins, etc.

No, but our son, Niklas was an exchange student with Rod Ellis '65, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

School Stories

A few days after arriving in America to the Ellis' home, Melody '63 wanted me to meet the Okemos Class. So, off to a pool party at Jim Eichmeier's house, after meeting 20 or 30 classmates we jumped in. I hit the bottom of the pool, cut my face above the eye and was taken to Dr. Breckenfeld's office at night and got "sewed up" without anesthetic. I am still reminded of that party years later as I impressed all the German girls with my "dueling" scar.