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Steve Weller

Profile Updated: September 29, 2020
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Class Year
Residing In
Sarasota, FL USA
Jim Mula (partner)
Occupation during your working years
ESL Tutor
Any Children or grand children?
Sadly, nope!
Yes! Attending Reunion
Any Relatives went to Okemos and their CLASS YEAR? Brothers, Sisters, Children, Parents, Cousins, etc.

Ken Weller, Class of 1978....attended OHS from 1974 to 1978 (born 1960, died 2017)
Kathy Weller, Class of 1980....attended OSH from 1976 to 1980...still lives in Okemos, off of Dobie Rd.!

Comments about life and living

Have lived in Sarasota, FL, in this Climate from Hell 33 years WAY too MANY! Happily partnered to a GREAT 57 year old guy, living in Boston, Jim Mula! He's worked at the same supermarket 24 years, and has been sober 29 years! Been sober myself 24 years! Came out of the closet 13 years ago, at age 40! I visited Okemos/Lansing in 2018, for the 1st time in 22 years! Wow, a LOT of changes in Okemos, for sure! Will Okemos Rd., Jolly Rd., and Dobie Rd. be widened? My family and I lived in Okemos 19 years, 14 years in Briarwood! I still keep in touch with some former OHS alumni via FB and keep in touch with 3 former OHS teachers! I've been teaching ESL (Eng. as a 2nd Lang.) to adult foreigners, for the past 21 years, mostly to Hispanics! Still have a VERY SEVERE hearing loss, that I was born with! Still fondly remember the OHS boys varsity b'ball team's back to back Class B state basketball titles in 1981 and 1982, and six Final Fours in the late 1970's and early 1980's! KUDOS to the great coach Stan Stolz, and his son, Dan, as well! And the OHS football team was in the Class B state football finals in 1977 and 1980! Go OHS Chiefs!

School Stories

Ugh...that GREASE oozing off the cafeteria pizza every day! And Senorita Rosa Marti (former OHS Spanish teacher) was a bit senile! And, don't forget the Great Blizzard of 1977....school was CLOSED for a whole WEEK! And the chem experiments in DeWayne Anderson's classes were always so interesting! And Ms Carol Potter had some TOUGH bio and chem classes, for sure! But, frog dissection was GROSS! Anyone remember when OHS was a separate bunch of white buildings, in the late 1970's, then were all connected into one big bldg., in a BIG, messy construction project?