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Military Honor

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         Killed in Action 

Class of 1933

Leroy Lehman

Leroy was assigned to the 127th Infantry and took part in The Battle of Driniumor River (also called The Battle of Aitape) 10 July - 25 August 1944 in Western New Guinea or specifically at Aitape, Sandaun Province, Papau New Guinea.  During July and August 1944, nearly 10,000 Japanese perished. Almost 3,000 Americans fell along the Driniumor, 440 of them killed. In terms of American casualties, it was MacArthur's most costly campaign since Buna.





Class of 1940

Edward "Wayne" Hoke 

Senior Class Vice President                                                                                                    


Sgt. Hoke shot down by enemy fighters


Class of 1940

               "Bob" McKane

Senior Class President   

Fatally wounded by enemy gunfire

during the attempted evacuation of a wounded comrade.

 Silver Star for gallantry in action


Class of 1940

"Tom" Shields

Chaplain's Aide Killed in Italy

88th "Blue Devil" Infantry division of the Fifth army in Italy





Class of 1941

Don Wilson


Lieutenant Wilson, pilot of a B-17 bomber, who once before was missing in action over Germany but out-witted enemy forces and returned safely to his base last November, was stationed in Italy with the army's 15th air force. Purple Heart medal for wounds suffered.

The young officer had participated in raids over southern Germany, Austria, Hungary and northern Italy, and had supported the Russians in their drive in Silesia.

Lieutenant Wilson, pilot of a B-17 bomber

"He was a leader among men and will long be remembered by those with whom he served."

Awarded the air medal and an oak leaf cluster


Class of 1966

Jay Forsberg

Killed by sniper in Vietnam

Class of 1964

Tom Riggs

Helicopter Pilot Shot down in Vietnam









Decorated Military Service

Mainord Weaver, Teacher 1951

Army Air Corp, 1st Air Commando Group, Glider Pilot

Flew "the China-Burma-India Hump"




 Class of 1935

Capt. Stuart Jay Bearup


World War II, combat Brittany region of France

Promoted to Captain and received the Bronze Star






 Class of 1965

Tom Ames

Awarded the Bronze Star

A medic in Vietnam. His Bronze Star was from staying behind with a Doctor to tend  

wounded that couldn't be moved as unit retreated due to enemy advance.

Great Lakes National Cemetery
Holly, Michigan 2013

Class of 1940

Charles "Nate" Greene

Pvt. Charles Nathan Green, 23, served with the field artillery in Italy.  In June 1944, he and another soldier captured three German prisoners, was wounded, returned home, then a month later, returned to duty with his company.  He served, with distinction, until honorable discharge in 1945.