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Alumni Marketplace

Alumni Marketplace

We'd love to learn more about our OHS classmates' business endeavors! Send us a brief write-up with a photo and links.Please send information to Rod Ellis at OkemosAlumniAssociation@gmail.com or Laurel Winkel at ljwinkelohs@yahoo.com.

April 16, 2024

Announcing the launch of Aggregatioin Distilling Co., LLC in Crystal River, FL!

1982 OHS Alumni Classmates involved in the project are Jim Briley, Jeff Preston, Eric Schobert with support from Allan Woodrow.

Cheers! Jim Briley , Aggregation Distilling Co., LLC / OHS Class of 1982




Homecoming- Reunions . Welcome back to Okemos . The Okemos Alumni Hangout

Across from Meridian Mall

Henry Kwok of Okemos High School class of 2003

I am proud to call this my home to raise a family and make a business. I am also a proud sponsor of this website, which I believe is a great tool to connect with other chieftains of all years. I hope that my bar & banquet hall will be frequented by Okemos alumni so we can share stories of our experiences when we attended OHS! For more information about Henry's Place feel free to visit http://www.okemosalumni.org/ResourcesContactsEvents.htm for details or check out Henry's Place website: pubmeridian.com