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In the spring of 2023 your Okemos Alumni Association learned Okemos High School, in preparation for a building project, was offering older trophies to the public. The school gathered up trophies that had been stored for years in closets and maintenance rooms, was sensitive to honoring the efforts of past team members, but needed to clear space. Volunteers from OAA were eager to pack up hundreds of trophies, bring them to a member's storage building and catalogue them for this website. The school will retain five years of the most current trophies, as well as prominent awards (ex. State titles, traveling trophies, etc.) that will remain on display at Okemos High School.

The unclaimed trophies are now available to any alumni who would like to own a bit of their high school experience. Find your trophy in the photo gallery, write down its Year and the Serial # tag (ex. 1961 -  #125) and send the # to Rod Ellis with all of your contact info.  If you would write a story about it and we'll add to this gallery. Bonus points if you can list the team members' name; double bonus points if the names match the photo!  There is no charge for any trophy however donations to OAA are always appreciated.

In addition to having a limited number of trophies on display, Henry's Place in Okemos has graciously offered to be a trophy pick-up location. Please allow us time to deliver trophies to the restaurant. (Trophies can also be shipped - reimbursement of shipping charges is appreciated.)

This was at least the second time OHS has released trophies to the public, so our photo gallery is far from complete. If you are fortunate enough to have a trophy, please send us a photo of it (similar to those in the gallery) and we'll add to the collection. Perhaps you have a duplicate team photo that would complete an empty frame?  Scan your photo and email it to us and it will be added.

Special thanks to the OAA volunteers who helped with this project: Karen Davidson Krzanowski '73, Joe Dzenowagis '74, Henry Kwok '03, Phil Lange '73, Tom Rubendunst '75, Marc Winkel '72, Laurel Winkel '68 and our fearless leader, Rod Ellis '65. Without his leadership, generosity and tenacity this project would not have found its wings!

Be sure to sign into this website and enter your email address so we can communicate through this website.

Tom Rubendunst hauling a truckload to storage.


"Trophy Rescue", Video courtesy of Joe Dzenowagis '74