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Okemos Alumni Association

“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” —Jim Rohn


Good News...

The Okemos Alumni Association is back!  Formed in the 1980’s, OAA co-existed into the 1990’s with the Okemos Education Foundation.  Through those years, the Association published Bi-Annual Newsletters, initially called the “Okemos Alumni Report” and later re-named “Chieftain Chatter.”  

Jill Slocum ‘68 and Sky Tribell ‘69 with the help of others wrote beautiful newsletters.  Back then, pulling together material for the publications took a lot of effort.  OAA is re-energized and re-invigorated, and we are going to try to spread out the effort of gathering alumni information through an online publication.  We hope this method generates a much broader base of input!  

If you’re curious, take a look back at the December 1989 edition of the Okemos Alumni Report or check out the September 1994 edition of Chieftain Chatter.  If anyone still has old editions of the newsletter, please scan/upload your copies and send them to Rod Ellis.

The new, official publication for the Okemos Alumni Association will be 100 percent electronic in the form of our website: OkemosAlumni.org. All Okemos graduates are automatically members of the Alumni Association, as well as teachers and administrative staff who can be identified.  So, get signed in to OkemosAlumni.org and start contributing those stories and memories…and create the legacy!

Okemos Alumni Bob Bratzler ‘64, Rod Ellis ‘65, and Gary Weeber ‘65 joined forces and gifted three years advance web-hosting fees to OAA. Going forward, OAA hopes to rely on alumni donations to further perpetuate its existence.  

Bob, Rod, and Gary also secured OAA as a nonprofit with IRS 501(c)(3) standing under the corporation named “Okemos High School Alumni Association, Inc.” that will be known as Okemos Alumni Association.  

OAA’s charitable mission is to enhance the educational experience for students in the Okemos Public School (OPS) system. As such, we will seek to fund their Clubs, Organizations, classroom grants, facility upgrades and scholarships, either directly with OPS, Parent and Booster groups of OPS, or Okemos Education Foundation.

In her November 22, 2016 “Superintendent’s Message 2016-2017,” Dr. Catherine Ash spoke to their mission and responsibility toward Okemos students.  She said, “We form the foundation for who children will become!”

Well Dr. Ash, Okemos Alumni Association wants to help and the OkemosAlumni.org website is the progress report on what we “will become.” For the most part, I think OHS will be pleased and proud of those of us who are still “becoming” and those who are making their final report.

OAA’s website is dedicated to the students of Okemos Schools. We are creating this chronology, history, and memoir as reminder to you as what is ahead. Life can lead you in many directions...follow our path, as we’ve marked the way!

Okemos Alumni Association and the OkemosAlumni.org website.

Board of Directors for the Okemos High School Alumni Association, Inc.