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Alumni Hall of Fame Nominations

Do you have a nomination to honor an alum* who demonstrated exceptional dedication, achievement or humanitarian contributions in Science, Technology, Medicine, Agriculture or EngineeringBusiness and LawAcademics, Arts, WritingAthletics or Military Service?  Additionally, we would like to honor all those with Military Service and identify such individuals with a Flag attached to their Classmate Profile.

Please submit your nomination.  Give us your nominee's name, and any information you know or heard about your classmate.  Class year and contact information would be helpful if you know it.  We will then contact you and help to put together a profile of your nominee.  When the profile is complete and endorsed by the OAA Board of Directors, we will post it in our "Alumni Hall of Fame".  We will also ask our Board of Directors if they would like to support the nomination for the Distinguished Alumni Award of the Okemos Education Foundation or the Okemos High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

A special appeal to Alumni, family and friends...please make us aware of Alumni that we should be honoring.  Omission from these pages is sadly our lack of our awareness.  Tell us of any circumstances of which you are aware, so that we may properly honor *Alumni, Teachers and Staff of Okemos High School.

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1)   * Do you have a nomination to honor an alum who demonstrated exceptional dedication, achievement or humanitarian contributions in Science, Technology, Medicine, Engineering, Business and Law, Academics, Arts, Writing, Athletics or Military Service? Please tell us: Name, Class Year, "Why do you think they should be nominated", any contact info.

Tell us anything you know about your nominee, we'll work out the facts, stories and pictures later. Just help us find the nominee (or friends and relatives). Remember, we are looking for faculty (best teacher) and staff (superintendent, principal) also. Go to the Alumni Hall of Fame pages on this website to see current and past nominees. If nothing else, just give us a name!