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Academics, Arts and Writing



Bryan Forney '93

Bryan Forney Student Bio


Lt. Col. Bryan Forney, U.S. Marine Corps







Algebra and Astronomy Teacher



Trapped in a burning helicopter on a mountain top in Thailand, both knees crushed and his left arm shattered and useless, watching flames cross the ceiling as he thought, I'm not going to make it.  This is it.




The Miraculous and Inspirational Story


Bryan Forney, Okemos Class of 1993

reprinted from MEA Voice, Dec. 2017 by Brenda Ortega


Class of 2002

Stephen Carrasco

New York Broadway actor.




                                                                 Class of 1957

Joseph Ferrar


Valedictorian, Class of 1957

Professor of Mathematics, The Ohio State University


















   Class of 1954






















Class of 1930

Sterling Silver Alf  1911-1995

Painter.  Painted a wall mural in the old Okemos Community Church and the painting below.

Class of 2003

Author Katie Slivensky, Book Signing and Okemos Schools presentation

Katie's presentation to Okemos Schools on September 28, 2017 was underwritten by Okemos Education Foundation









Class of 1935

Hugh Holloway


     Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees at Michigan State University and Math Instructor

     Visiting Professor at Mankato State University

     Superintendent of Schools in several school districts

     President of Sheldon Jackson College

     WWII veteran and Colonel, Air Force Reserves