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Class of 1965


OHS 65 OHS 65 OHS 65 OHS 65 OHS 65 OHS 65 

Okemos Class of 1965 -The official class picture - 50th Anniversary-Thanks to Willy Schultz

1965 Tomahawk           Issuu Tom<div data-configid="27259369/41448567" style="width:525px; height:339px;" class="issuuembed"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//e.issuu.com/embed.js" async="true"></script>ahawk

1965 Graduation Commencement Program, Class Proficies and Will, Tomahawks

1975 10th Class Reunion

1986 21st Class Reunion

2005 40th Class Reunion "No Small Change" program, 40th Photo Gallery

2010 45th Class Reunion 

2015 50th Class Reunion Photo's to view and add, Add your Reflections and Comments

NEW******Watch the video performance of Olivia

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