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Atkins Sisters OHS Nov 2017

Class of 1985  and   Class of 1986

Announcing Elizabeth and Catherine Atkins


Authors, TV Host, Actors and Ghost Writers

Thursday, November 9

 with Jennifer Garmon's Creative Writing Class at the High School

Lunch Reception at Schuler's Book Store, Meridian Mall

What a wonderful day with Okemos students!

(Would you like to read the email chain to make this event happen?  click this line)

Catherine Atkins with Creative Writing Teacher Jennier Garmon

Catherine * Elizabeth * Jennifer Garmon

Christine Sermak


Okemos High School

"We appreciate you bringing back our amazing OHS alumni!   It is so beneficial for our students and faculty."

Thanks Rod, Christine     

Nov.  13, 2017


Catherine Atkins Greenspan '85 and Elizabeth Atkins '86 talking to Creative Writing students






















  Elizabeth, Jennifer Garmon, Catherine and student Olivia Terry                                 (Rod Ellis photo bombing the pic)


Matt Ottinger with Elizabeth (also a TV host) and Catherine in the Okemos Channel Studio

Librarian and English Teacher Sandy Fields holding Catherine's latest book, The Veronica Series
























Book Signing at Schulers Book Store














Catherine Atkins (Greenspan), Jill Slocum (Tribell), Deb and Dave Premoe, Dave Winters, Rod Ellis, Sky Tribell, Elizabeth Atkins