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We are looking for Subject Matter Experts (SME's) to help with various skills that it takes to run the alumni site.
1 RE: OHS Call for Volunteers
06/02/22 05:16 PM by Laurel Winkel
Subject matter for Forums
3 "WHY I WRITE" - Emails from Dale Brubaker
06/10/16 06:10 AM by Kerry Joseph Byrnes
What did you do to survive Covid-19
1 Larry Avery '65 Social Distancing
05/17/20 02:34 PM by Rodney Ellis Alumni Assoc. President
People I met
2 Close Encounters with The Kingston Trio
06/10/16 05:30 PM by Kerry Joseph Byrnes
Who did you know or heard about?
1 Ezra Gilliland, partner of Thomas Edison
06/12/19 12:51 PM by Mark Crooks
All Time Ten Best Movies
1 America's First:Korla Pandit
05/21/16 11:26 PM by Wally Reese
Live thru stories or Damage Pics/Texas
2 Hurricane Harvey
09/14/17 12:57 PM by Elizabeth Byrd Arend
Live thru stories or Damage Pics/Florida/Caribb
9 Kenny Chesney Saving St. John
09/18/17 05:13 PM by Rodney Ellis Alumni Assoc. President
Did anything effect you deeply?
0 None
Career in Medicine or life of Medication
0 None
Before/during/after in the Military (active or not)
0 None
1 Arlo Peterson Memorial Chat
07/17/16 01:05 AM by Wally Reese
1 A Driving Tour of Okemos Neighborhoods
05/20/20 02:39 PM by Laurel Winkel
Experience in Peace Corps/VISTA/Foreign Service
1 Brock in Liberia
05/10/16 09:29 PM by Rodney Ellis Alumni Assoc. President
In the area's worst-ever blizzard on Jan. 26, 1967 Lansing set a new record of 24 inches of snowfall over two days.
0 None
Participation or observation
1 Kill, Bubba, Kill
06/22/16 12:05 AM by Wally Reese
During and after
3 A Night Filled With Memories
01/29/17 01:48 PM by Sherrie Paty Barber
My First Job: Joel Peterson
1 My First Job
05/21/16 04:44 PM by Wally Reese