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Alumni Hall of Fame Index

"None of this should be taken to mean that our kids don't have their lighter moods, but it is immediately apparent to anyone who observes our student body that they are observing those who will lead in the next generation."

       Dr. John Lanzetta, Principal Okemos High School

       1982 Tomahawk


The following pages will honor alumni who demonstrated exceptional

Dedication, Achievement or Humanitarian,

contributions in Science (and Medicine), Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) or Agriculture,

Business and Law,

Academia, Arts, Journalism, Writing,

Athletics or

Military Service

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These individuals were nominated for special recognition by the Alumni of Okemos High School.  We will note those who were additionally honored with the Okemos Education Foundation Alumni Award and the Okemos High School Athletic Hall of Fame.  We also honor all those with Military Service and identify such individuals with a Flag attached to their Classmate Profile.

A special appeal to Alumni, family and friends...please make us aware of Alumni that we should be honoring.  Omission from these pages is sadly a lack of our awareness.  Tell us of any circumstances of which you are aware, so that we may properly honor Alumni, Teachers and Staff of Okemos High School. <click here to make a Nomination>