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Kerry Byrnes, class of 1963    Another Outstanding Alumni Award!  Kerry was honored by the Okemos Education Foundation for its Distinguished Alumni Award in 2018.  Now Michigan State University college of Communications, Art and Science honors him October 23, 2020.  Click the link to watch the program on Friday at 6:00 (Eastern)  https://www.facebook.com/events/331189848128132

<Click Kerry's picture to read the Awards program>


Arts and Culture Nomination for the Okemos Alumni Hall of Fame

…a book by John Turner, but a fitting mantra for both.  John (class of 1965) and Richard (class of 1961) had illustrious careers in the creative arts and both “recognized” for their creations.  John and Richard have an uncanny ability to engage with others, observe their lives and reflect that in their artwork.    Recognition came to John in authorship and an Emmy, and Richard in Fulbrights to public art commissions.  Both have impacted art and culture, and we are nominating them for that category of the Okemos Alumni Hall of Fame.  Read the autobiographical accounts of their rich and fulfilling lives.

Doug DeLind, class of 1965, Chair of Arts and Culture Nominating Committee

Okemos Alumni Hall of Fame                                                                                                           Edited by Rod Ellis



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Please join the private Okemos Alumni Association Facebook Group for additional discussion, news and the enjoyment of longtime friendships.  This does not replace Posts on this website, but is an additional opportunity for classmates to communicate. Please note the "Topics for Posts" section at the top of Discussions, as well as the 'spy glass' icon to the right in order to search a topic or name.

We hope you find the OAA Facebook Group an interactive experiece, as you connect with the friends, teachers, coaches and others that shared your youth!


New Book by Sherrie Paty Barber '66

A Tree Grows in Okemos

Tracing the history of the Okemos Founding Pioneers

Generations of Okemos Alumni

<<click book to read>>

Family Names: Wilkins, Whitmyer, Clausen, Washburn, Bray, Kilbourne

(Also found in "Okemos History", "Okemos Area")



Same humor...dead serious subject!  Read his Blog and understand this virus!!  Mark updates this blog regularly.  The charts and graphs are updated daily.

"Science with a world of experience"


Princess Di & Presidents

Champions & Movie Stars

Heads of State & Heads of Industry

Flying Concords to Birthday Parties!

The Amazing Story of Hometown Hero...The Legend…The Autobiography

John O. Grettenberger, Class of 1955


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our class reunion is being postponed until a later time when it will be safe to travel and we can mingle and catch up with one another. 

Please, continue to monitor the okemosalumni.org site for any future updates.  Stay safe and healthy





OAA Announces a Nomination to the Okemos Alumni Hall of Fame - Academia


Over the 2010-2020 decade, four Okemos High Chieftains helped the Michigan State Spartans men's basketball team to become the Big 10 university with the most wins. In each of those 10 seasons, the Spartans men's squad had at least one OHS Chieftain. Their story as well as ten other Chieftains who played basketball as a Michigan State Spartan is told in "From Okemos High's O-ZONE to Michigan State's Izzone: The Red Cedar Journeys of The Chieftain Fourteen" by Kerry J Byrnes (OHS Class of '63).



"Locked on Spartans Podcasts" Interviews Chieftain Basketball Legends


Anthony Ianni & Conner George


Anthony Ianni Interview (Part 1):  https://open.spotify.com/episode/2LfAecaxxRm7e0vKni4yjt?t=0

Anthony Ianni Interview (Part 2):  https://open.spotify.com/episode/3MxV1u65np3IoGxatrpUFZ

Conner George Interview: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5TjJC8GW4QZtGrbfAUzxxP




The Stolz Boys: A Three-Generation Chieftains Legacy

(by Kerry J. Byrnes, OHS Class of '63)

Nearly 70 years ago, Denny Stolz, a 1951 graduate of Mason High School, went on to succeed Duffy Daugherty as head coach of Michigan State University Spartans Football -- a storyline that inspired two Stolz family members (Denny's brother Stan and Stan's son Dan) to work their way up the coaching tree, each eventually becoming the head coach of Okemos High Chieftains Basketball, with a Stolz as OHS' head basketball coach for 44 consecutive years--during which Stan's son Dan and Dan's son (Scott) also graduated from Okemos High, hence "a three-generation Chieftains Legacy" !!!



Kerry J. Byrnes (OHS Class of '63) has authored a new book now available on the OAA site.

 "Diving Deep, Deep Down" takes you on an visual (video), aural (audio), and analytical journey below this planet's watery waves (see the two horizontal "watery wave" images above and below this announcement). Don your scuba gear and dive with me to explore ten Sea Genres: Sea Monsters, Sea Mutants, Sea Battles, Sea Buddies, Sea Subs (Fantasy Subs & War Subs), Sea Spies, Sea Treasures, and Sea Docs. During each dive (chapter), you'll learn about how film composers have approached scoring (composing the music for) films with underwater-related plots and scenes--many of which films you've likely viewed at some point during your life. The book includes many clickable links so you can view a film's trailer or listen to samples of a film's score. The book's penultimate dive, Sea Decompression, sheds light on the various scoring devices composers have employed in scoring underwater-themed films. The final chapter, Sea Nominees , nominates, in the author's opinion, the best film score in each Sea Genre and the author's choice of the best-ever Sea Genre film score.

Click water image above or below to access Table of Contents with links to each book chapter.




OAA announces the premiere issue of

- "Chieftain Smoke Signals" (Issue #1) -

This issue features five articles authored by Kerry J. Byrnes (OHS Class of '63). Some articles were previously published elsewhere, others appear here for the first time. OAA Invites OHS alumni to submit your articles (previously published or newly written), preferably in Word format, so we can compile them into the next issue of Chieftain Smoke Signals.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS Issue #1 of "Chieftain Smoke Signals"


Lord Huron & Three Okemos Chieftains

Kerry J. Byrnes (Class of '63) has authored/compiled an article on the indie folk band Lord Huron, based in Los Angeles, that includes three OHS grads: Ben Schneider (the group's founding member), Mark Barry, and Tom Renaud. The band’s name was inspired by Lake Huron, the lake that band founder Ben Schneider grew up visiting, where he would spend evenings playing music around the campfire.


  Ben Schneider (Okemos High Class of 2001)


OHS Musical Heritage: Proud Chieftains and America's Sweethearts

August 17, 2019.   This weekend the Classes of 1947,1948, and 1959 are having reunion events in East Lansing/Okemos.  Proud Chieftains was composed in 1958 by H. Owen Reed (who also arranged the MSU alma mater, MSU Shadows), father of Sara Jo Reed (Ferrar) '58, and Carol Reed (Wetters) '64.  My guess is that Proud Chieftains was first played publicly by the OHS band during the 1958-1959 school year. It was "lost but rediscovered" many years later.  In honor of the Class of 1959 reunion activities, click here to watch the current OHS band director, Mark Stice, reintroduce Proud Chieftains at the 2012 spring band concert.  He also explains the history of J. Siebert Taylor's 1940 composition, America's Sweethearts, dedicated to Mr. Musselman, band director and principal at OHS in 1940. Taylor was director of bands at MAC in the early 1900's, preceding Leonard Falcone  Click here to hear America's Sweethearts played at the same 2012 concert.  Further details on the OHS school songs on this site can be found by clicking here or on the tab to the left menu bar, "Okemos History>High School>School Songs."

Retired teachers gather at Coral Gables...and they are still talking about their students!

Eight teachers that taught at Okemos between 1967 and 2008 meet for breakfast and kinship.  This wonderful group of our beloved teachers still have stories to tell, even if the student names are hard to remember...Mr. Cockroft reminded us that they taught around 130 students per year for 30 years!

Some of these teachers have signed in to the website and everyone else promises to do so.  Please send them a welcome.

Physics '72 to '02 Jim Powers, Larry Cockroft taught Math and Baseball Coach 1967 to 1997, Annis Hapkiewicz taught A.P.Chemistry '70 to '06, Irene Yoder-Best taught '69 to '74, and Luci Baker taught Home Ec. '68 to '90.  Kate Marsh and Pat Miller taught at the High School '74 to '08 and Pat's husband Dave Miller taught Social Studies at Kinawa '71 to '98.  Marilyn Bowker taught Business and Cheerleading from 1962 to 1994...and Patty Puckett taught Social Studies at the High School from 1967 to 1994.  What a wonderful group...and I understand they meet the 3rd Tues of the month every other month in the summer!  You are welcome to join them if you promise to behave.

Contact Marilyn Bowker to see when they will meet again (2020 does not look good).


We need your help!  "Lost Teachers"

Our Historian, Sherrie Paty '66, is at an end with these teachers!

Can you help?  If you know ANYTHING about these teachers

 Please email Sherrie <Click to send an email> or fill in the Questionaire below.

Mable Anderson 1946                  Bruce Rae - Fine Arts 1976 FOUND!

Patricia Anderson 1951                Bruce Parkinson - English 1976

Betty Anderson - English 1963

Susan Smith - English 1964


You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

1)   Do you know anything about these lost Teachers? If you know where they moved to, perhaps we can start to trace them down. Any information may be helpful, even if it is just a rumor.


Okemos High School Names New Athletic Director

April 24, 2019:  Okemos High School's new athletic director is a 1985 graduate of the school, Brian Fuller. He has held the same job in Harbor Beach and is a former soccer coach at Fowlerville High School. Fuller replaces Ira Childress who is departing after six years to take over a similar job in Coral Gables, Florida.

Alumni and Teachers, Authors

Their Books on display

by OHS Librarian Sandy Fields

Several Alumni Authors visited the High School 2017-2018.  Their books are on display outside of the OHS Library.





Teachers are Authors and Editors


The Okemos High School Librarian is Mrs. Sandy Fields

Donate your books to the OHS Library!

New Page on this Site : The Alumni Library <click here>

Download free ebooks and order paperbacks

The latest from Our Historian, Sherrie Paty


Inspired by a 1951 newspaper notice of a gathering, Sherrie, links biographies of 3rd generation families to the pioneers of Okemos. 

<Click the book to Read or Download

Additions, revisions and editing is ongoing.  The latest were made June 4, 2019.




Class of 1958  *  60th Anniversary

Kay Bratzler (Riedel) will coordinate the Class of 1958 web page to recap their class reunion.  Please contact Kay if you want to post anything about the class.

Class of 1968 * 50th Reunion * August 2018

OHS '68 had a great time at our 50th reunion!   <Click this for the recap>




Lansing State Journal, May 18, 1929

The 1929 annual "The Tomahawk" went on sale May 20, 1929!

The Alumni Association is trying to put together a collection of all Tomahawk's. 

We just got 1946 from JoAnn Holloway Lewis, Class of 1947

Heidi Taylor Hopper '89 just loaned us her 1985-1989 collection

Sky Tribell just found and donated 1997!

The first yearbook (1928) was donated by Jack Whitmyer '51!

  Please be on the lookout for all pre 1946 Okemos High school yearbooks.  Also, we need 1984, 1990, 1995, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2011, 2016 to current.

<<Send Rod Ellis or Sky Tribell a message if you find or hear of these earlier yearbooks>>

We recently got 1948, 1949 and 1951 from Jon and Jim Bartow!  Then Sky Tribell found and bought 1928, 1947 and 1950!!  Amazingly, we got another 1928 (from Jack Whitmyer '51).  Hey, we got the 1988 on loan from Sean Sherrod and will post it when we get it scanned.  Thanks everyone and keep looking and asking around.



The most recent nominations to the

Alumni Hall of Fame

<<The Index>>



Kerry J. Byrnes, Class of 1963 Receives <click to read the nomination>

the Distinguished Alumni Award 2018  <click for the Banquet>

“The Alumni Award honors an alumnus of Okemos Public Schools who demonstrates exceptional dedication, achievement and humanitarian contributions.  Additionally, it honors alumni who have pursued a passion and made a significant contribution to their field of study.”  --an Award of the Okemos Education Foundation

“Working behind the scenes and often in obscurity, Kerry is an Okemos gift to the world.  From Eagle Scout to VISTA Volunteer to relief of poverty on a global scale, Kerry has positively impacted the lives of millions.  His touching tribute to his H.S. Teacher and his chronicle of Okemos basketball players, will immortalize others…the OHS Alumni seek the same honor for the author.”  Rod Ellis, Class of 1965, President of the Okemos Alumni Association

Dr. Kerry Joseph Byrnes : Okemos High School Class of 1963   An Autobiography <click to read>

Then 1963 (OHS Senior Photo) & Now 2017 (Many Miles Later)



Edward Kapalla     Shop and Drafting Teacher 1953 to 1975

The division was sent into combat on 19 October in the Moselle bridgehead sector east of Moselle and South of Metz and patrolled the Seille near Cheminot, capturing the forts surrounding Metz and repulsing enemy attempts to cross the river.  It was during the defense of this town from repeated German attacks that the division received its nickname, "The Iron Men of Metz."

Bronze Star The Battle of Metz, France

"The Iron Men of Metz."   WWII


Class of 1925   Eugene Williams

The First Celebrated Athlete of Okemos Consolidated School

Triple silver medal winner at the 3rd Annual Field Day Meet of the Rural Agricultural Consolidated League at Michigan State College

Valedictorian of his graduating Class at age 16                                                                           

  Compiled and Written by Sherrie Paty

Lettered in Track and Championship Cross-Country Team at Michigan State College         

Randolf Webster         Teacher: American History    1957-1958

Graduated from East Lansing High School in 1951 as class president and with honors…and state wrestling champ!

Master's degree and doctorate from MSU.  Freshman class vice-president, freshman-sophomore council president, sophomore class president, chief justice of the all judiciary branch of student government, president of Blue Key, member of Green Helmet, vice-president of Excalibur, senior class vice-president, a cadet lieutenant colonel.

At MSU commissioned second lieutenant in the air corps and distinguished military graduate.  Active duty then reservist 25 years, an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel.

Mr. Webster taught American History and English at Okemos High School in 1957-1958.

Assistant Director of Student Activities at MSU while earning a doctorate in Education

Dr. Webster became Dean of Students and later vice-president at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois.  “Faculty, staff and students were all touched by his integrity, acceptance, collaboration, social activism and, above all, his gentle manner"

Class of 1954  


Lester Kyle Aldrich, II          "Les or LK"

Nuclear Engineer

Army Rifle Team and Marksman

Coached a seven time National Collegete Champion Rifle Team

A Certified Heath Physicist, chaired the Panel of Examiners of the American Board of Health Physics, the Continuing Education Committee of the American Academy of Health Physics, and the Health Physics Society Standards Committee Working Group on Radiation Protection Terminology.

A 'Fellow' of the Health Physics Society and the International Standards Organization's United States Representative for radiation terminology. 

A member of Mensa, the high IQ society.

Ariel Hart Anderson  Class of 1971

Honored with the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award by Western Michigan University.  










Elizabeth Ann Atkins  Class of 1985

  • Best-selling author of over 20 books and co-founder of Two Sisters Writing & Publishing
  • Actress, TV host and Award-winning journalist
  • Professionsl Ghost writer and co-founder of Two Sisters
  • Master's in Journalism from Columbia and bachelor's in English Literature from University of Michigan
  • Alumni guest speaker at Okemos High School

    Catherine Atkins-Greenspan 

  • Class of 1986

  • Co-founder of Atkins & Greenspan Writing and Two Sisters Writing & Publishing
  • Three novels The Veronica Series
  • Active with the American Association of University Women
  • Master's in Writing from the University of San Francisco and bachelor's in English Literature from University of Michigan
  • Alumni guest speaker at Okemos High School



Class of 1963    Dr. Walter Willett


- Walter Willett 1963 Biography

World Renowned Nutritionist, researcher, lecturer, professor at Harvard Medical School and chairman of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health Author of Eat, Drink and Be Healthy

Achievement & Humanitarian

Class of 1970 and Class of 1973

Cheryl Lynne Bass Frost (1952-2012) and Timothy Brian Bass (1955-2007)

Carried on the family tradition of faith based service






Class of 1966  

Dr. David Hart

World Renowned Professor of Chemistry at Ohio State University





   Class of 1935 and Class of 1938

     John Lloyd Aseltine and Doris Powell Aseltine  (D.A.R. Award)

 Humanitarian      &     Missionaries in Algeria

Behind Rev. John Aseltine and his wife Doris are the terrors of an Algerian rebellion.



Class of 1959

Dr. Carol Jean Price Walters

Okemos High School Class of 1959 Valedictorian

 Phi Beta Kappa

Ph.D. in Physiology at University of Vermont College of Medicine

       Developed the 'Quad Screen'  for the detection of serious birth defects in early pregnancy like Down Syndrom and Spina Bifida


Class of 1959          Walter Schreiner

The Autobiography of a Physics Nerd and Renaissance Man!

Ph.D. in High Energy Physics, Virginia Polytech & State University (1973) : Director / Owner of CP Solutions, LLC, solving chronic manufacturing problems world-wide : 29 year career with Philips Research; developed x-ray analytical equipment, management consultant, Master Statistical Engineer : Volunteer Builder for Safe Housing, Fuller Global Builders : Peace Corps Volunteer, Antofagasta, Chile (1965-68) : Member, Pi Mu Epsilon, National Honorary Math Society


<Click on highlights or pictures>

Class of 1965

Mike McGilliard

"The 95 pound State Champ"                                   by Jay Guertin 

Mike was Nominated to the Okemos Athletic Hall of Fame

NCAA and Four Times Big 10 Championship Team

College Professor and A lifetime of achievements

Class of 1967

Tom Yunck

NASA Space/Earth Scientist


PhD from Yale

CEO of his own Satellite Company

High School Mile Record holder


<click picture>

Class of 1993

Bryan Forney

        Career Military reinvents his life after horrifing accident


    <Click on highlights or pictures>





Class of 2002

Stephen Carrasco   



Broadway Star

Remembers his roots with personal appearances



 Class of 1958

Donald Keck  



Invents Fiber Optic Cable, a technology that makes the Internet possible and connects the world!



<Click on highlights and pictures>


Class of 1964

Fred Stehman


The First State Champion wrestler at Okemos

Top Academics

Big 10 Wrestling Champ

Top Cancer Doctor in the Country

Okemos Athletic Hall of Fame 2017


Class of 1928

Ralph Guile


Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
and twice a Fulbright Scholar

1986 State Championship Cross-Country Team

<Click on links and pictures>


Class of 1935

Hugh Holloway

College President


Class of 1959 

Elizabeth Gwynne "Betsy" Fox

Betsy performed in the 1960 Olympics



- Class Of 1938
Decorated WWII hero with the famed "Third Ranger" battalion
On the morning of January 30, 1944, some 1,500 Rangers attacked the village of Cistenna De Littoria.  At noon there were just 199 Rangers still alive.

You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

1)   Did you have Frank DeWald as a teacher? Please comment or tell a story.

Mr. D taught Choir and Someko Singers from 1973 to 2010. Tell us if you had him as a teacher or heard his performances. We would like to add to the student bio section of this article if you are still in the Performing Arts.


*** New Page ***

Alumni Hall of Fame      <Click on links and pictures>

Announcing a new page devoted to the life stories of great Okemos alums

Recounting past accomplishments and life stories

(It's a start, but we need your submissions!)


Okemos Alumni Association

Announced at the Okemos Education Foundation Awards Banquet Thursday 11/16 <Click here or picture to watch>

$10,000 Matching Gift Creates John Bjorkquist Alumni Science Fund

As a result of the interest and excitement created by the visit of Dr. Tom Yunck to Dave Chapman's Science Classes, an anonyous Alumni Donor has stepped forward to commemorate the event by creating a new Science Fund in Tom's honor.  All donations to this fund will be MATCHED up to $10,000. At Tom's request, the honor was passed to Okemos Biology teacher and coach Mr. Bjorkquist.  Thank you Dave Chapman for inviting Tom to your class.  Thank you Tom Yunck for giving your time to inspire the latest generation of Okemos scientists.  And Tom thanks Mr. B. for being such an inspirational teacher.

Dave Chapman, Science Teacher at OHS

John Bjorkquist, beloved and respected Biology teacher 1962 to retirememt in 1991 and Cross Country Coach at OHS from 1962 to 1973.

Rod Ellis, President of the Okemos Alumni Association who just wandered into this picture and without a doubt the worst cross country runner that Mr. B coached.

<Click here or picture to watch>


You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

1)   Would you like to contribute to the Bjorkquist "Match" Science Fund? Your donation to this fund will be matched "dollar for dollar", thus, it will double your gift. The science funds are currently out of money and we are sitting on $6,000 of requests for up to date microscopes. Thanks on behalf of those Okemos science students!



Homecoming- Reunions

 Welcome back to Okemos

The Okemos Alumni Hangout

Henry Kwok of Okemos High School class of 2003

I am proud to call this my home to raise a family and make a business. I am also a proud sponsor of this website, which I believe is a great tool to connect with other chieftains of all years. I hope that my bar & banquet hall will be frequented by Okemos alumni so we can share stories of our experiences when we attended OHS! For more information about Henry's Place feel free to visit http://www.okemosalumni.org/ResourcesContactsEvents.htm for details or check out Henry's Place website: pubmeridian.com



Class of 1962 55th Get Together was held Aug 18-19

From Jill Axline Roth:

Hey OHS classmates. .....Mayfair and Spags and Gables , we would like to gather up pictures and memories.  Please sign-in on the Alumni Website and/or send pictures to Rod Ellis to post on the site.

Class of 1957 Celebrated their 60th Reunion July 15-16

The Class of 1957 celebrated it's 60th reunion, according to John Bratzler, with 30 people attending.  The Class of 1957 has the distinction of holding the school individual basketball game scoring record.  The late Max Creaser scored 55 points in the old band box gym in a game against Fowlerville. Among its other notable members is Dr. Joe Ferrar, Professor Emeritus of Mathermatics, The Ohio State University.  Joe's wife, Sara Jo ('58),is the daughter of H. Owen Reed, composer of the school alma mater, Proud Chieftains.  Please help to pull together all memorabilia and send to Rod Ellis at the Alumni Association.


Honoring the Class of 1957
60th Anniversary of Their Graduation

The Class of '57 numbered 70 people, 28 of whom attended their 50th 10 years ago.  They started in the Okemos Consolidated School system in 1944, 19 members strong.  This gives one the notion of how fast Okemos grew post WWII.  Check out their class history as read at their 50th reunion.


Class of 1967

50th Class Reunion  


******** This is what we have so far -- click above ******

Coral Gables, School and Neighborhood Bus Tour, The University Club, Sunday Brunch


Contact Mary Fox White whitmaf49@gmail.com  


Ingrid Sturk Schultz



•   Jeff Gardiner (1977)  10/25
•   Al Bemis (1961)  10/25
•   Chuck Lucas (1971)  10/24
•   Jim Chetrick (1968)  10/24
•   Robert Chetrick (1967)  10/24
•   Ed Bukovinsky (1971)  10/24
•   Julie Chemycz (Nutter) (1973)  10/20
•   Mark Roberts (1971)  10/19
•   Keith Wilkins (1970)  10/3
•   Lynn Miller (1961)  9/30
Show More


•   David Terry (Dave) Federau (1963)  2020
•   John Quiring (Track, Cross-Country Coach, Math Teacher)  2018
•   Larry Voss (1957)  2020
•   Robert Bullerdick (1959-1960 Biology And General Science)  2010
•   Sue Ann Bemis (Komorowski) (1966)  2019
•   Marjorie Lippe (1st Grade, 1993-2003)  2020
•   Kenneth McManus (1941)  2020
•   David Henry Krause (1963)  2020
•   Gary Michael "Mike" McDowall (1964)  2020
•   Judith Elayne "Judy" Allbaugh (Baker) (1966)  2020
Show More


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


12% of all sales go directly to the Okemos Alumni Association.


Who lives where - click links below to find out.

11 live in Alabama
6 live in Alaska
80 live in Arizona
3 live in Arkansas
1 lives in Armed Forces Europe
257 live in California
96 live in Colorado
10 live in Connecticut
2 live in Delaware
12 live in District Of Columbia
166 live in Florida
55 live in Georgia
7 live in Hawaii
3 live in Idaho
140 live in Illinois
58 live in Indiana
5 live in Iowa
9 live in Kansas
12 live in Kentucky
7 live in Louisiana
2 live in Maine
36 live in Maryland
40 live in Massachusetts
3,078 live in Michigan
40 live in Minnesota
3 live in Mississippi
27 live in Missouri
5 live in Montana
6 live in Nebraska
22 live in Nevada
3 live in New Hampshire
22 live in New Jersey
12 live in New Mexico
66 live in New York
54 live in North Carolina
81 live in Ohio
5 live in Oklahoma
28 live in Oregon
36 live in Pennsylvania
7 live in Rhode Island
18 live in South Carolina
1 lives in South Dakota
26 live in Tennessee
98 live in Texas
16 live in Utah
7 live in Vermont
57 live in Virginia
53 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
38 live in Wisconsin
4 live in Wyoming
1 lives in Alberta
3 live in British Columbia
3 live in Ontario
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Finland
1 lives in France
5 live in Germany
1 lives in Greece
1 lives in Guinea
1 lives in Italy
1 lives in New Zealand
1 lives in Peru
1 lives in Philippines
1 lives in Spain
4 live in United Kingdom
1,774 location unknown
1,155 are deceased


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 13.6%

A:   917   Joined
B:   5807   Not Joined


The Science Fund was created by an anonymous Alumni to honor his former Biology teacher. The fund will match all donations up to $10,000 (until June 30, 2021).


Help fund this website. It costs about $400 per year. This will allow us to keep updating news,memories, history and adding pictures. Create the Legacy/Preserve the History!